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Boxing day ride


Speeding Up
Sep 8, 2008
Hi all,
Last weekend's ride was great fun... a tad chilly, especially pushing through one particular tunnel with a roaring headwind that had seemingly come straight from Siberia. I think Jules had a near bonk, out-of-body experience and we spent some time at a 7-11 buying out their supply of crispy chicken and hotdogs and listening to the strange mechanical dancing Santa Claus.
I'm hoping to head out again this weekend, either tomorrow or sunday. So is anyone game to brave the mountains? Forecast looks ok either day. I'm thinking of starting around Hashimoto or Hachioji or Takao. Probably around 9-10am, else it will get dark too early.
I don't have regular internet access, so can't read PMs, but I can read posts and receive emails to my keitai.
Just a piece of info - Local weather report suggetss it will be rainy tomorrow (26th) morning, clearing in the afternoon; so if you are planning a ride to the mountains, perhaps Sunday (27th) will be a better option:)
Went up to Tomin yesterday to try and burn some of my Christmas excesses off - they have been numerous and considerable.

The Musashi side was very nice but on Okutama side it was a bit wet and the shaded places a bit dicey.

That was all I ended up doing. How were the toge's you climbed?

I'm thinking of adding another mission over coming days should the weather hold up.

Happy New Year Clay!

Sunday's ride was very good, not cold at all... in fact, plenty of sweat dripping from the helmet going up a pepsi-inspired assault of Kazahari rindo (check out Jule's profile for some pics.) Deej, Jules and I did 2500m of climbing so not a bad day's outing. Coming up Wada at the end of the day involved some chewing of the bar tape but of course the descent back into Takao was sweet!
I'm up for more rides in the hills so if anyone is heading out, let me know.
Would like to join you in the hills when I get back to Japan. Currently riding around north Thailand on my mountainbike (not cold either, by the way :))
See you,
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