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Maximum Pace
Apr 3, 2012
There are some great rides to be had on the rindos running down the center of the peninsula. Very few tunnels and very few cars.
You can basically follow rindos all the way from Ichihara to Kamogawa. It might be kind of hard to figure out on your own, though.
If you ever want a guide down those roads let me know. ;) Also, Phil (another Phil) on here seems to know the back roads in Chiba really well. I basically stole the idea for this ride from him:

If you want to avoid tunnels I would stay away from route 128 from Chikura all the way to Onjuku and ride inland.
Route 257 south of Tateyama (AKA Boso Flower Line) to Route 410 would be a nice way to extend your ride.
Routes 182 and 88 starting near Kazusa Minato I think are way more pleasant than riding along the coast.
Another favorite ride similar to yours:
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