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Boso Hanto Lap

Phil Harris

Speeding Up
Nov 9, 2006
I`m off until 01 November after which I`ll be on a one-year contract with little time for riding. Anyone interested in a lap around the Boso (Chiba) Peninsula?
I was thinking of making it a two day ride.

I am flexible for a start date (up to 30 October).:bike:
I would definitely be interested Phil! Unfortunately I've got an end of month deadline for work, but I might be able to knuckle down, get ahead of schedule, and free up one day to join you. Doesn't matter what day for me...

What day is best for you? How about the 28-29th?

My route will be:

- Yokohama-Kurihama via route 16-134
- Ferry to Hamakanaya
- Coastal route to Amatsu Ko Minato (天津小湊) via Nojima Zaki-Shirahama
- Route 81 to 465 back to Tokyo Bay and Hamakanaya
- Ferry to Kurihama and return Yokohama

If the weather should suck, that is no go criteria.
Sounds like a great route! 28th/29th would be fine. Probably my best bet would be to meet you on the first day at a Michi no Eki south of your ferry landing. Then we could ride together down the west and southern coasts. Depending on the time, I'd use 86, 187, 410, 89, or some combination of those to cut back across the peninsula, pick up the car, and close my one-day loop. When are you thinking of arriving by ferry, and how far are you going to go your first day, do you think?

Schedule is looking good, by the way, but I'll be able to confirm for sure by Thursday/Friday at the latest.

I`m planning on staying at Amatsu Ko Minato before proceeding back to Yokohama.

I`ll check the ferry schedule and provide an estimated arrival time; it will take perhaps 2-2.5 hours to get to Kurihama from my house. What time do you want to start out from Hamakanaya?

Should we upgrade this to an offical tour titled The Ride of the Phils?:D
I was going to suggest meeting at or near 富楽里とみやま (Furari) Michi no Eki, which is about 10 kms south of your ferry landing I think (unless you know if there is a lot of parking near the ferry port?):


It's about 2 hours or so drive depending on the traffic. I could be there as early as need be--reckon the sooner we meet up, the further we can go together before I have to turn back inland. That said, you're the man coming by boat and bicycle, so whatever time works best for you will be great with me.

Should we upgrade this to an offical tour titled The Ride of the Phils?:D

Alas, we are short one namesake; perhaps "Ride of the 2/3 Phils"?
Boso Hanto

I`ll take the 0805 ferry from Kurihama and arrive in Hamakanaya by 0840.

Should make the Michi No Eki by 0930.

If it is raining on 28th, I`ll shift dates to the right (29th-30th Oct)

I`ll PM my cell phone number.
Okay Phil, sounds great. I'll be in the parking lot of the Michi no Eki by 9:30. Hopefully the rain will be over by Sunday, but if not, the 29th will be fine too. I'll PM you now with my keitai #.

Looking forward to the ride! :bike:
Date Change

Let`s ride on 29th; rain predicted for 28th.

Same time at michi no eki.
Boso Hanto Ride


Looks like the weather tomorrow will be as excellent as it was today. From Yokohama to Kurihama and then on to Amatsu Ko Minato along the coast looks to be about 120KMs - not a bad distance for a day.

Should I get behind schedule for any reason, I`ll give your cell phone a call. I will call when I disembark the ferry at Hamakanaya.

Boso Hanto Ride Ride Report

Returned to Yokohama today. The Ride of the (2 of 3) Phils was outstanding along some very sceneic roads.

Phil started off at 0515 his house in Yokohama proceeding to Kurihama and caught the 0725 ferry to Hamakanaya on the Boso Hanto. The Phils rendezvouzed at the Furari Michi No Eki about 10kms south of the ferry port at 0900 and proceeded together at a rather brisk pace of 30Kmph around the coast to the Pacific side of Boso Hanto. Phil detached at 1400 to return to Michi No Eki (and his car) via route 89 whilst Phil proceeded to Amatsu Ko Minato to stay the night.

The following day, Phil hit the road at 0900 taking route 34 across the Boso Hanto to the western side and returned to Yokohama the way Phil arrived.

The Phils had to take shelter from a rain squall at one point after passing Sunosaki 洲の崎, but otherwise the weather was fine the whole trip.

Great ride! Won`t be having such time on my hands again for a while!


To Sora/Thomas: having trouble uploading photos; some sort of error. Doing nothing differently from before.
It was indeed a great ride on Monday. We hooked up no problem at the rendezvous, except for the fact that I was so convinced I'd get there first that I didn't bother trying to find Phil until after I'd assembled bike and self etc (sorry about that Phil!)

We stuck to the coast as much as possible all the way around, and were treated to some great views of steep cliffs, breakers on the rocks, and the merchant ships steaming in and out of Tokyo Bay. I've driven and/or ridden the coastal road a couple of times, and I must say it's a lot quieter on a weekday slightly out of season. Once we were south of Tateyama "downtown" (館山) the road was quiet enough to ride two abreast for long stretches.

We had a mild crosswind along the southern coast and then enjoyed the benefits of a good tailwind going up the coast. We had an excellent miso ramen somewhere in the vicinity of Chikura (千倉) and all too soon thereafter arrived at my turnoff. This was at km 82 for me, considerably more for Phil who had been riding since the early hours!

After waving goodbye to Phil, I started to cross back to the other side of the peninsula along what turned out to be an extremely beautiful and pleasant route 89. There were a few more climbs than I anticipated, but the fabulous views of wooded hills and terraced rice paddies more than made up for the effort. The road alternated between two lanes and single lane, and I only met a few cars and trucks, all headed in the opposite direction.

Reached the car at 3 pm, ahead of schedule and with plenty of light left in the day. Mileage was a modest 107 km at 25.2 km/h--it had looked longer on the map, and I was disappointed it ended so soon. I would highly recommend this route as a day trip or more for any of you guys coming out of Yokohama/Kanagawa.

Anyway, many many thanks once again to Phil for the trip proposal, the invitation to join in the adventure, and for the in-ride entertainment featuring Naval stories of drunken captains and exotic, far-flung ports! :beer:
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