Boot/Trunk mounted bike rack

Feb 7, 2017
Hi Guys and Girls,

Back to my homeland it was quite common to see bike racks. Some would mount on the roof, some on the towbar and some on the boot/trunk.

Here in Japan, I think I have only ever seem roof mounted ones.
Do boot mounted ones exist in Japan? Are they legal? Or are the roads just too narrow to safely mount a bike like this?

Any help appreciated.


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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
They certainly exist and aren’t illegal to the best of my knowledge. I have used my Terzo rear bike carrier quite a few times without any trouble. It’s the same as a Saris Bones rack.

Here is one on Amazon Japan



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Nov 21, 2014
I think the broader question of whether the roads are too slim for these is the more salient point.

I'm now considering roof mounted or one of these for my Passat Estate, so thanks for highlighting this option @leicaman
I also prefere to carry my bike in and not on the car. Here are just way too many tiny rocks on the roads, low trees, and so on which are a potential danger to the health of the bike. I don't know how badly a carbon frame would get damaged, when it'd get hit by tiny rock at speed 80-100 (or even faster on the Autobahn), but I'm not willing to try.
A friend of mine has a Daihatsu Materia. I like the way we packed the bikes for our 200km race/tour last week. It was done in a wink and the bikes were fixed super solid with plenty of room for lagguage. With less stuff it'd fit even three bike. The only down side is that I fits only two people or three people when you carry only one bike.
My brother has a Volkswagen Caddy that fits up to three bikes and three people or four bikes and two people plus lagguage without even removing the wheels.


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May 28, 2010
I have a trunk mounted rack, but you lose access to anything in the trunk with the rack on.

Also, I tend to be a bit paranoid about the rack coming off, although it never happened the handful of times I actually used it. Although I usually only carried one bike.

Also, I think a roof mounted rack is probably more aerodynamic, which helps gas mileage. You might be able to drive a bit faster since the wind and bumps in the road aren't acting on the bikes in a way they don't like.

Also, a roof mount that attaches to the fork and rear dropouts won't damage the paint on the top tube (you're supposed to put tape between cables and the frame to prevent this).


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May 28, 2010
They make them but I think they're expensive here since so few people have towing hitches in Japan. This is because driving a trailer requires a special license, and trailers have to undergo shaken. It's ridiculous.