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Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
Travis, you beat my last time at Kusatsu by one minute. Great weather and a truly stupid plan. I should have gone.

As it was, I woke up on Saturday morning, got out of bed and my son said "Dad, I can't get the dragon's wing on right."

"Lemme see, "I said, reaching my hand out for the Lego dragon. Mistake! Should not have reached for the Dragon. Dragons, after all, can be temperamental.

"Boing!," said my neck, and I was literally frozen to the spot. Intense pain rushed down my neck when I tried to move at all. So off to the doctor, and I spent a full week in a neck-brace.

It's getting better day-by-day. Still hurts, but I tried riding to work today. Not sure yet what I will do about my Fuji hill-climb race on Sunday.

Anyway, looking to the future, I have signed up for The Fuji HC race on 6/03 and Utsukushigahara on 6/24 and also thrown my hat in for the Norikura HC lottery.

Utsukushigahara is the hardest of the HC races, bar the suicidal run up Fuji Subashiri in October. Here's the link:


There is also an interesting pair of events in the Hotaka Highlands in November, a hill climb on 11/03 followed by a hilly 116km rally the next day. Could be a good choice for a TOUR.

Links in English:

Puff the Magic Dragon

Hope your neck is getting better, Aaron!

That Utsukushigahara hill climb looks pretty challenging, despite the ultra-short distance:

Maximum slope: 22°

Definitely potential for a TCC tour... :)
gifts from greeks


never accept dragons from children, I can fully understand as a father that everything a child gives you is a cycling disaster in the making....

I have had the same problem with my neck too...dunno why, suddenly it just turns on you.

you will be back on deck soon!


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