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Sold! BOB trailer 10000 yen


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009

Can drop off in Tokyo this Friday or Sunday. It is used and in working condition. Minor scratches but no structuall damage of any sort. Tire is still fresh. I used it for one 5 day your and it worked flawlessly. It was like new when I bought it and I don't think the previous owner even used it! I bought it for 20000 yen but I am selling my things off at the moment and it has to go.
I also have the flag and quick release attachment that goes on the bike not shown in the photo. Fits road and mountain bike hub widths.
Comes with 2 bungee chords and 2 bottle cages with storage canisters the size of water bottles.

Bob trailer is the best way to tour loaded in my opinion. I've done fully loaded bike and this and this is great because you can detach the gear easily and also "dance" when climbing. If you've ridden a fully loaded bike you know how vertically straight you have to keep the bike and over days it can really not feel good keeping your body in one plane of motion. I also feel that climbing is easier with a bob versus on the bike with the same amount of gear. I cant explain why but it just is.



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