Sold! Boardman Carbon 35mm Tubular Wheels


Maximum Pace
Jan 9, 2011
These are the wheels that came with my Boardman Elite SLR 9.4 and have been used mainly as race wheels for hill climbs. However, the rear hub is Shimano/SRAM 10 speed and I have upgraded to 11 speed and built some new wheels so want to sell these. I'm asking ¥30,000 with Velox extreme tubulars, continental valve extensions, and a supply of brake pads suitable for these rims.

Below is the front wheel weighed without the quick release:

Rear wheel:

And rear weighed without qr:

Notice on the wheel which suggests they are actually Equinox wheels.

The spokes are Sapim CX-Ray straight-pull with internal (brass) nipples.
And here are the qrs weighed:

Oh! Moderator, please make no mistake, these are brake pads for the advertised rims!

The tubulars are not stuck on but I will mount them if you prefer and don't mind waiting a few days.

The tread is partly worn but only a few hundred kms at most. Will post more pics if needed. If you prefer to stick on your own tires I have a half used tube of glue you can have.

Please reply here or pm if interested.
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