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BMX dirt tracks?


Maximum Pace
Jul 3, 2012
Got my 6 year old a BMX for his birthday. He loves it. It has 4 pegs so its different from a lot of bikes he sees around the place which he loves. We are waiting for Komaza park to reopen its skateboard and bike park to have a go at that. I figure dirt tracks would also be great fun if I knew where they were. Been poking around on google but can't seem to find the right search words to search this. Must be something in a reasonable distance. Youtube is full of videos elsewhere with rollers and cambered corners and what not to learn on. In the meantime, we've been tearing up the local park when its not too crowded. Any ideas?
There's an MTB/BMX track out at Makuhari. Quite a trek, but it's the only one I know personally. (Unabashed plug: check out the new Decathlon store while in Makuhari, as my son just started his first job there.)
Awesome. I found a video with two kids trying that out. Looks like great fun. Bit of a hike but should be good once every now and again. Anyone else know of any other ones around? A decathlon sounds like a good stop too :)
I know of a major one in the hills above Chichibu. even more of a hike, but if you're interested I'll see if I can pick some more details for you
That is probably a bit far @luku but you never know where a weekend away (remember those?) might put us so no harm in finding out where a few more of these things are.
nice one! been wanting to go to hit those berms! aside from the berms, was there a trail within the bike park?
Odawara - Kanagawa
went there around last year, highly recommended. very close to odawara station so i could imagine you could rinko bukuro yung mtb then go to the trail via a cab. used a car then and drove from kawasaki. based on their facebook page they attended more lines and i believe a nice succession of table tops to learn jumping.
@mrkamot It's a bit difficult to see from their photos, but when I was there last year they also had a short XC course, and aside from the small pump track in wexford's vid, a larger pump track about 4 times as big, another track with a few table top jumps, and a shortish downhill slalom bern track. There was also a place in the park to get simple food like curry rice.
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