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Bloody wind!


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Is anyone else getting really pi^%ed off with the wind lately? It just won't stop. What the heck is going on this year? I was planning on riding today but decided not to after going outside and almost being blown over just standing there.

While still debating what to do, I was listening to the news and heard a Federal Express plane crashed and burned on landing at Narita and according to preliminary reports was most likely caused by a very strong wind sheer. Hope the pilots are OK.

I officially dedicate this thread to ranting and raving about the bloody wind. Let her rip lads. Surely I can't be the only one getting this annoyed:mad:
Oh no, time to take a Toughen Up pill, Mike! Perth is something like the third windiest capital city in the world, you don't hear me whining. :) Just get out there, put your head down, and think of the tail wind on the ride home. :cool:
This isn't the Freemantle doctor we're talking about here Clay! This is typhoon type winds mate! Maybe I'm not as hard core as you Mr. short sleeves in winter but am at home doing a workout right now and then will hit my magnetic bike after:bike:
I hear you, Mike - this damn wind sucks and blows at the same time!!!!!
I was planning to ride today (sunny forecast.. yeah) :(
I 'ate it! I really 'ate it!

Gonna run instead, usually my HRM software says I'm reaching higher training effect by running 10 km, than when riding 150 km... I wonder why... :confused:
It nearly did for me yesterday - not on the hills, but on the roads riding home. Damn wind had been programmed to knock me sideways into traffic, or onto the kerb.

Great for drying washing though - yesterday's manky garb is now dry enough to wear again.
The wind is always bad in March. We get it really bad where we live.

And guess what? :(

It's going to rain tomorrow... :warau:
I'm lucky enough to get to ride in the states every Summer with my old cycling friends. I'm much more tough and smarter than I used to be about weather and traffic. Living in central Tokyo will make you hard mentally as a cyclist, maybe not physically. There's just so much to learn to tolerate here but it all makes you stronger. It's fun to come back each year and see how wussy my old cycling chums are.
Whinger, toughen up:bike2:. We are getting snow tomorrow on top of gale force winds, my car is in the shop and I have a 80km commute coming home in the dark, but heck I have a roof over my head and my family is all healthy. Sure the weather sucks but if you have to biatch about the weather life must be pretty good.Tokyo is windy so if you have deep rims then time to swap out for shallow ones. Cycling is still faster than walking.:p
Look you optimistic sods, this a thread for people to let out their frustrations about the wind if they so desire:mad: Why don't you go and start you're own thread titled 'Wind Fags' or something:p

Snoogly and Sergey, I hear you man! More complaints welcome, come on it's good therapy!
Don't worry, Mike, I'm with you on this one. The wind gods hate me and they always will.

It was blowing pretty hard when I took my new bike for a test spin. As I was getting buffeted by the wind, I kept thinking, "You gotta be kidding me. I lose 1.5kgs from the bike and suddenly I'm all over the road when the wind blows? Maybe I've gone too light!"

I realize now that it was the hurricane-force winds, not the mere 1.5kgs I've shaved off the steed. :)

Tell me about it! :mad:

This morning I turned back and took the bloody train after doing 10km on Arakawa. I wouldn't have made it to my class in time, cruising speed was down to 22km/h.
Ach, out here we need the wind because we don't have any hills. Cycling would be too easy otherwise. Going to the beach on a windy day is like doing a 20km climb. 'Course, then you get to soft-pedal home at 40km/hr and fantasize about winning the MSR...

It's farming country out here though (as opposed to rice paddy country), and we get nasty sand/dirt storms in the early spring. Can't go out in that stuff, it's like pouring cement into your lungs.
Ah, reading all these posts is making me feel better already. Keep em coming wind haters:D
Deej, apart from the wind how is she rolling? Must be so nice...and Thomas, I can't believe you were forced to take the train, did you remember how to buy a ticket?
Perhaps not so silly?


My bleating is about wind NOISE. On windy days like these, heading into it, all I can hear is this deafening tornado-vortex-hell-howl. I can`t hear my iPod, or anyone I`m with. It`s distracting, and I wonder if it isn`t damaging. I wear earmuffs in the wintertime, to block the hurricane noise. I wonder if Cervelo do cosmetic surgery - maybe they could pin my ears back or something....
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