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Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
I know, I know... it is a pump manufacturer - BORING!

I have an old Blackburn TP3 pump. It is NOT exciting. It is a pump. I bought it maybe 2002? Anyhow - in 13 years of ownership, I have had only 2 problems.

The first problem - the old air chuck wore out. I emailed Blackburn and asked if there was a rebuild kit. The informed me their pumps are warrantied for life and that there is a new style air chuck they would send me Free of charge. Woot! This is a good way to do business, but really, it probably cost them more in shipping than the part costs to manufacture.

The second problem reared its head a couple weeks ago. I noticed a crack in the base. With every use, the crack was getting bigger. Recalling the conversation I had with Blackburn years ago, I emailed them with pictures and asked for a replacement base. They responded in a day and asked for my shipping address. Today.... I got my replacement pump!

So now here I am with a brand new pump a decade after I bought my last one. I can honestly say I recommend the Blackburn product. It may not be the best pump, but they stand behind what they sell.

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Feb 4, 2014
I had never heard of Blackburn until this post, but this is great marketing for them. I had a similar good experience with Garmin recently - professionally and politely handling a problem. Made me feel good about them, and Jessica in Garmin Taiwan who took care of it. So I will be happy to buy Garmin again.

Compare with Barclays Bank in the UK; an hour on the phone at my expense to reset my card when they queried a 3 quid payment to Amazon.....response only from call centre and their twitter feed....no response to the letter I wrote to complain....and no follow up to the complaint I lodged online, despite being promised action in 5 working days. Of course, Barclays makes billions in profit, and now we know how.
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