For Sale Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll & frame bag (Ortlieb panniers sold)


I'm selling my Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll (drybag included) and Ortlieb Waterproof Classic pannier bags (with handles/straps).

Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll - ¥6000
Ortlieb Waterproof Backcity Roller pannier bags ( black/set of 2) - ¥8000

Postage paid buy purchaser on delivery (着払い) Sent from Aichi.

Manufacturers website -

Blackburn -

Ortlieb -

Both have been used and have minor wear but are perfectly usable. A tiny part of the velcro strap on the Blackburn bag has snapped off meaning that instead of rolling up the excess on the red strap you have to tie it. But it's a minor issue and doesn't interfere whatsoever with general usage. See final photo below.

If anybody buys both together I'll throw in a hardly used Topeak Trybag as well.

Email me at

ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-1.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-1.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-2.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-3.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-4.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-5.jpg ForSale_SeanBreslin2017-6.jpg
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toby rollo

Jun 27, 2016
are these still available? Do you have the inserts to reduce bouncing on racks that have smaller tube diameters. They are shown in the video on youtube.
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@toby rollo At the moment they are still available but I have a friend that is interested too. I'll confirm with him but if he doesn't want them then they are still up for grabs.

I think I still have the plastic clips.

Send me an email. I don't check TCC very often.


The handlebar roll is still for sale and now I'm adding a Blackburn frame bag too (L size). It is used but in good condition with all the straps and the internal divider.

For info about the handlebar roll please read the first post.

¥9000 for the frame bag and the handlebar roll. Postage paid buy purchaser on delivery (着払い). Sent from Aichi.

I'll also include the Blackburn top tube bag for free because I no longer use it and I had to attach some sponge on one strap to make it fit my top tube.

Please send a private message if you are interested. Thanks!