For Sale Black Diamond Cayenne glove. If your hands are still cold, you are dead


Aug 14, 2013
Ok, this is not exactly cycling related but if you commute on your bike, it may as well be. At the very least it is for me being waaaay up here in Aomori-ken :}

Black Diamond Cayenne gloves, size lare female or medium male (same shell, you can't tell them apart). arguably the warmest gloves on the planet. This statement is based on the fact that they are built on their flagship model (the Black Diamond Guide) and have a heating element to boot. I posted them on eBay and would expect them to move once black Friday get here, but if somebody has 20,000 yen to burn let me know. Before you freak out about the price know that they retail for $400 on the U.S. and over 60,000 yen here in Japan.