Sold! Biknd Helium travel case


Maximum Pace
Nov 21, 2014
Are you going away for Golden Week?

Do you want your bike to be secure and unscathed after a flight?

Well, look no further.

The Biknd Helium is a lightweight, convenient case for a bike and two sets of wheels (CURRENT MODEL DETAILS).

This is one version old, so would need some modification to work with a thru axle bike.

I bought this off @saibot a while ago with dreams of traveling abroad with my bike and riding - fatherhood and reality put pay to that. I’ve literally never used this since purchase (packed to see how to do it, then put away in the spare room).

I’ll not repeat all the details, as @saibot ’s ORIGINAL THREAD covers it very well (see his thread for photos, too).

These bags retail for silly money (upwards of ¥55,000), but I’m letting this go for the same money I paid for it ¥20,000 (no offers).

Pick up from Yokohama area.