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Sold! Biknd helium travel case


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Prefect lightweight case for bike + 2 pair of wheels. I've used it once myself going from Japan to Sweden and back, worked brilliantly. Unfortunately my current bike has thru-axles so can use it without some heavy modifications. And I never fly with the bike anymore.

Putting the bike in is pretty simple and being able to take two sets of wheels is unheard of any other brand. Fork sleeves, drive train cover and storage bag included. After the bike and wheels are in you use the supplied pump to fill the inflatable sides for the ultimate protection (I should be a sales man hehe)
For reference the bag with my old bike and two wheels + some bike gear came in under the airline limit of 17kg.
check here for a video on how its packed

New this bags price tag is pretty steep, £431

I'm selling mine for ¥20,000

Let me know if you have any questions.

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