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Bikes on planes

Screaming Lord

Jan 4, 2014
Hi. I am bringing my bike with me from England to Japan in the summer, flying with Lufthansa. Earlier today I booked the bike as luggage and was told to wheel the bike to the Lufthansa desk on the day, as it is, no packaging required. Is this normal ? I've never taken a bike on a plane before and I've got visions of collecting it at Haneda all mangled up. Any advice appreciated.


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011
Looks like that is the case, rather, it is advice they give you.


I've never flown Lufthansa with a bicycle (or at all....) so can't comment on any experience with that offer. I'd be a bit worried about it, I don't know that all baggage handlers would be aware of what to do with a bicycle whilst moving it around airports. I'm assuming you have a transfer in Frankfurt, that would just add to the potential 'bumps' along the way for it.

However, one thing I like with packing it into a bicycle box/bag is that you can jam a bunch of other stuff in with it up to the allotted amount. Just wheeling a bicycle over means you need to accommodate all your gear within the rest of your allowance.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I've flown Lufthansa. They can provide bike box at the airport. Please check - as I've not heard of them doing this kind of 'desk service'. One thing about Lufthansa is that they didn't have a weight limit on sporting goods, just got charged per item (box). So, I actually packed 2 bikes in one box along with all the kit, spares, wheels and misc. And , I didnt use a box, I used an Osterich Padded Rinko that belonged to one of the team members.
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