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Been ages since I've posted here so hello all, hisashiburi etc...

A friend who works for a high-end tour company is looking for people in Japan who can work on their bicycle tours as guides. Tours include regularly scheduled tours and small bespoke tours. Generally they are looking for people who...

- Can take 2/3 weeks off at a time from regular life to join the tours
- Have native-level English and good to very good Japanese
- Are fit, experienced with bicycles, able to do basic repairs on the road
- Japanese driver's license big plus
- Cheerful, outgoing, knowledgeable, etc.

Pay not brilliant, but tips are involved (high-income clients) and all expenses are paid, including R&B in top-end hotels/ryokans. If any of this sounds interesting, please feel free to PM me here or write phil at japan-translation dot com.

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Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Ichikawa, Chiba

There aint nothing wrong with a little bump and grind:innocent:

Sounds good. Wish I could take time out of life to do such a thing but, alas, I can't.

Welcome back @Phil I'm still riding your Boso routes, btw


Maximum Pace
Hah. Well, I only mention it because in most jobs you have to pay for your own rhythm, you know?

(Room and board, btw, if I confused anyone...)

And glad someone is riding those Boso roads! These days I just putter around Honda if I do get out; haven't been as far as Takataki in 2 years at least, let alone the rindos and coast...