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Jun 7, 2016
Hi all,

Until now I've ridden around Japan on a few mamacharis and a few years ago "upgraded" to a self assembly no-brand cross bike from amazon which set me back about 15-20000 yen. It was nowhere near big enough for my size (183cm), but I wasn't too bothered until recently. I've noticed as I get older that it likes to let me know that it's too small for my aching bones....

I've decided I want to get a bit of an upgrade, and had my eye on a Giant Escape R3 in Sports Depot as an entry level model cross bike. It's priced at around 55000 yen which is about as much as my budget will allow right now. However, the maximum size they have is a 500mm frame. It says it's suitable for "170-185cm riders" on the Giant website, but after checking out the specs and speaking to a guy in the shop, I think it would be too small.


So, I'm looking for some advice on either an alternative within the same sort of price range in Japan, or a recommendation for a website that I could import a bigger size model from. As you can probably tell, this is my first foray into the world of "proper" biking. I'll mainly be using the bike on the weekends to ride around the city, with the occasional adventure into the countryside and maybe a bit more if I come to enjoy it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
500mm is too small. I would probably go for an L sized cross bike if I were you.
If you don't mind something used, search Yahoo Auction. You can probably find something pretty nice for less than you were going to spend on that entry level model.

L sized cross bikes on Yahoo Auctions
There are a few Giant stores around Tokyo (link). Maybe try calling them up/visiting and asking if they can get a large size frame for you.
Thanks, I'll give giant a call later!

I considered a yahoo auction but some of the listings don't have enough details regarding sizing. It seems a bit of a minefield....

Would the 500mm frame on the M size escape r3 be too uncomfortable to ride?
Since you say you have achy bones I assume you want a bike that allows you to put the handlebars higher and gives you a more upright position, right? If you buy a 500mm frame the handle bars will be quite low if you have your saddle up high enough for proper leg extension.

I would look for a large size frame (most cross bikes come in xs s m l sizes) or something 560mm or maybe even bigger.

If you are near Tokyo the Y's Road in Shinjuku San Chome has some larger cross bikes (downstairs).
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Thanks! I'm actually living in Nagoya, but I'll ask that guy about shipping!
That's a great find, thanks! I was looking at the GT traffic online last night. Can't find many reviews regarding it, but I assume it's well specced?
For the money it's fine, and more importantly it fits. You can upgrade the parts individually as they wear out over the years, the frame is good to last well over a decade.
Excellent! I found out there's a Y's road in Nagoya, so in going to take a look there later but if it's no good I'll be ordering the GT traffic. I'm guessing some assembly will be required?
Not much assembly required. You tube how to.... Take a copy of that Yahoo Auction bike to Ys with you and ask them what they can do?
Well Y's were pretty useless. They wouldn't budge from any prices listed in the pamphlets. I checked out a Trek 7.2 in the store though which was very nice, albeit a little over my budget.

I just went ahead and bought the GT Traffic 3.0 from that yahoo auction. Thanks a lot George5!
Enjoy and make sure you get a helmet and perhaps gloves, you'll be traveling a lot faster than you were on the Mamachari. Ride safe
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