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Bike Rentals in Japan


Jul 24, 2012
Any place to rent a road bike in Tokyo so that I don't have to ship my own over from Canada when I come to Tokyo? Thank-you.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
been discussed several times on the forums - please use search.


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
You might get more info' if you posted likely size, length of stay, Japanese ability and grade of bike wanted, intended riding distances e.t.c.. Welcome to TCC.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
We looked into this quite seriously. But actually - it's hard to do:

1) Equipping a roadbike is not cheap. About $1500 ea is required. So you need at least 30 days rental just to recoup cost of the bike. (Not counting storage, repairs and depreciation)

2) Insurance is a hassle. Premiums for rental of roadbike (that 'may' be taken out of the city costs more than $5,000 /yr)

3) Risk potential. If the bike is stolen, lost, damaged or otherwise requires retrieval or replacement will quickly offset ANY profits gained by riding.

4) Staff Fees. Cost to hire and maintain staff to service the bikes, retreive them, sag the riders, etc. Again very high in Japan.

5) End result - this will work if you are renting at least 10 bikes a day, full time, 300 days a year. Otherwise - its a big money loser. Or you just have a bunch of cheap mama-charis that people will rarely ride more than 5km away and 2hrs or so.

Better choice is to visit a bike shop and see if they have any bikes available for paid demo. This is kinda like renting - but more casual (and generally costs more). Plus there may be some restrictions on where you can ride. And a hefty (usually full MSRP) deposit required.

Best choice is just to bring your own bike and bite the $200 bullet.


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
I've rented a couple times out of shops in Kona. The renter is completely liable for damage/repair/loss, so there's a big hold on your credit card (similar to some car rentals).

Liability is undoubtedly different here--but in Kona you are again on your own for insurance, and the rental company is not responsible for any damage/injury you may cause to yourself or others.

There is zero expectation of retrieval or sag. You rent from the shop, and you return it there. You're on your own for everything in between.


Nov 16, 2009
If you're flying on Air Canada, it's only $50 each way which is a bargain compared to some of the U.S. airlines. When I did my 3 week tour of Tohoku in the fall of 2010, I even found a hotel in Ueno that stored my bike box while I was away.
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