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Nov 1, 2009
Does anyone know of any organized bike polo matches. Not sure I want to play, but I would enjoy watching it with my kids sometime.
Thanks for your interest, Fred. Thanks for having my back, Owen.

I actually just got back from a great day of polo at a skatepark near Enoshima directly at the beach. Mount Fuji loomed huge and visible in the background and games were played in a decommissioned pool. Because of last nights exploits, doing proper training would have been impossible, but polo always works out.
And it is a spectator sport, as it didn't take long before a large group of skate-kids started cheering us on from the sidelines. Here is more proof to that:

I had posted a while back about Bike Polo in Tokyo. Principally nothing has changed and the beginner sessions every first Saturday are still happening. Usually, things will move from there to Komazawa Park on Saturday afternoons with more of the advanced players attending. Komazawa is still the most popular/best polo location in Tokyo. It is really hard to find appropriate space, since everywhere in central Tokyo is either crowded or regulated.

The most regular option to watch or start playing is 'Sui-Koma' - the weekly Bike Polo gathering from 21:00-23:00 on Wednesday. If you want to bring your kids and watch some good games during daytime, probably Sunday afternoon in Komazawa is your best thing. Just pick a Sunday (definetely the 3rd of the month) with good weather and with no big event like a fleamarket in the park and some of us will be playing from around noon. Tomorrow is a fleamarket, so there should be games in Yoyogi park in the afternoon instead.

I will continue to post about upcoming events. Or you can have a look yourself on the homepage of Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo. Would be glad to be seeing you around.
Thanks Gunjira

Thanks for all the options. One of these Sundays I hop on the train and bring the boys up to Tokyo for some games.

When you mention Enoshima, is that Enoshima Island? If so, that is ridable from my house in Hirasaku.
That video was ace. Really want to try that now.

Gimme the lowdown on your Polo bike setup so I can get an idea of what it is you use.

Also... What are the rules??
It is exactly that Enoshima close to Kamakura. Usually there is some sort of quasi tournament in the huge pool there every couple of months. I will make sure to announce it properly next time.

There will be casual bike polo the coming Sunday in Komazawa park, starting from 10:30 until the sun goes down. Everybody welcome to watch and/or play. Shouldn't be a problem to borrow a bike there, if you come on carbon.

In regards to the bikes, it is a young sport and while there are dedicated polo bikes on the market now (like the fleetvelo Joust), just use whatever you can get cheap. Probably an old hardtail MTB, crossbike converted to single speed is a reasonable option. Many a fixed gear rider is sporting CMX/street trick bikes over faster NJS options, since they are a bit sturdier. Basically I am still riding on an old entry level track bike, with no custom components. I am just about to finish off my third narrow rim wheel and will need to get some stronger replacement. Many of the advanced players seem to switch to a freewheel setup for better balance, but I think it hardly matters initially. Oh, and rearbrakes rule - you don't fly over the handlebars and you can do 180 powerslides onehanded:D
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