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Bike on Highway Bus?


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
I'll be taking a highway bus to Shizuoka tomorrow to visit my in-laws and would like to take my bike along as well. Can I simply bag my bike and ask them to place it in the storage compartment, or are there rules against taking bikes on highway buses? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

It is usually OK, if you put your bike in the Rinko-bag. However, the baggage room of the bus was full, you might be refused to bring it. I highly recommend you to ask the bus company and try to make a reservation for your bike! Or ride from Tokyo to Shizuoka:bike::bike: as Philip said...

Good luck:)

Thanks for the responses! Yeah, I would like to have ridden to Shizuoka like I did last year, but it wasn't an option this time. After giving it some thought, I have decided to forgo the hassle of lugging my bike to the bus (along with two young boys and luggage) and instead return to Tokyo a day early so I can squeeze a ride in on Sunday.

Thanks again,

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