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Help bike in storage for 4 years


Jan 13, 2010
Hi all!

It's been 4 years since I've been in Japan and my touring bike has been in storage in a mezzanine crawl space at my sister's place in Taitou-ku. It hasn't been ridden since. I'm wondering if some things have deteriorated so I'll need replacements. Previously I left a different bike in the same place for 2 years and again for 2.5 years and there were a few minor rust spots on the frame but it's given me no trouble in 5 years since. I wondering if the tire rubber is likely to getting stiff/cracked by 4 years or any other problems people can foresee. I've asked my sister to take a look but she hasn't yet and I suspect she won't get around to it before I get there because it's probably buried way back in her storage by now. I figure it's probably cheaper to bring a spare tire from Canada than to buy one in Toukyou but why lug one over unnecessarily?



May 8, 2012
I have a roadie in storage in Chiba for when I'm in Japan (not as frequent as I'd like) and had to replace tubes and tyres before riding again after a 2 year absence. (They were Continental 4000 and I was game to even try to inflate them.) It really depends on how quickly you want to be riding/how well you know bike shops in your area/ability to get what you need/etc as to whether you bring spares and tools or to wing it when you get to Japan. Otherwise, if it was cleaned and lubed up before putting into storage most of the bike should be fine mechanically.
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