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Jan 20, 2009
I've been considering a little foray into Taiwan for December, have done it several times in the past with the bike in tow. Until five or six years ago, it has always been possible to negotiate prices for hotel rooms upon arrival, I'm just wondering if things have changed?? The owners had always been good about allowing me to leave the bike in the lobby.

Was interested when I saw the following:http://www.yohobikehotel.com.tw/eng/Features.html

Sorry, anyways, for a little more detail, the place in consideration is Kenting, a little town at the southern tip of Taiwan. Twenty to twenty-six degrees in December, nice hilly cycling but no extreme mountains directly in the area for long climbing.

Anyone have an overseas bike hotel experience? (in particular this one:confused:)

Still thinking, though. Winter cycling in Shizuoka is quite nice as well!!:bike:
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