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Bike Ghetto Fun Ride (Mad Dogs and Englishmen)


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
We're thinking about <dis>organizing a simple funride as follows - within the next couple weeks.

1) Course to start and end from Takao Sanguchi - namely due to the Italian restaurant and the foot onsen.

2) True 'primes' oriented rally. With some various checkpoints ala Allycat thrown in for fun.

3) Singlespeed only. Of course you can ride ANY bike as long as you just choose 1 gear to do it all. (We'll put paint marker on your cables to make sure).

4) Handicapped so that no matter the ability level - there will be some 'level'.

This is just for fun and a way to break up the monotony of the midsummer. If you are interested please let me know - cause then we'll actually plan it out.

Again - this is for ANY rider - though you should be able to at least crest to Sagamiko and perhaps Wada and finish 50km in under 5hrs.

Kit - prepare to swim a bit. And rinko may be advised depending on your C2H5OH consumption levels.
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