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Bike Crimes!


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Yes, I noticed the macho chainring sizes. I almost didn't, because I was gazing at the crankset as a whole, and wondering why it was that this presumably dirt cheap crankset was nowhere near as ugly as are most of the expensive alternatives. Another oddity is what's advertised as the "cassette" (ie freewheel), which looks like a six-speed corncob to which a granny sprocket is attached. And the granny has only 28 teeth.

A drop-handlebar mamachari isn't necessarily a stupid idea. A late friend of mine had one, and enjoyed going up and down Tamagawa on it. (A ride for which 42/28 should be OK, even for the aged.) But his mamachari frame had a (dropped) top tube, and therefore could be a lot lighter than this. (It also had centre-pulls. I don't know how good they were at stopping the bike, but they looked neat.)


Scorpions - I can't get enough!
Jun 26, 2017
I think it's kind of cool, but its only the frame shape that's mama chari. It doesn't have mama chari staples like a basket, stand, mudguards, or a chain guard. The guy in the image is wearing lycra shorts!
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