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Bike Crimes!

What were they thinking?

Yes, I've seen those kind of wheels before and everytime I was wondering about them.
To me it seems like that the spokes are either very soft/flexible or seriously weakened at the point where there were twisted. And neither I would want the spokes of my wheels to be.
I'm a big fan of the ones with a left and a right disc brake
judging from the top 2-3 reviews, it's about not having to straddle the high top tube of a proper road bike, but being able to "walk through" the bike instead is what got them to buy it. plus some vague idea about how road bikes are cool, or can get you fit etc etc but going all the way was intimidating...

guess these guys found a niche market indeed. people who like road bikes but prefer actually riding mama charis :rolleyes:
one of those even managed to put a front caliper on the opposite side from the disk?!!? good luck with that one...

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Apparently that setup minimizes both pad and rotor wear (at least on front)! The drawback is that when you take the wheel off to fix a puncture, you could by mistake reinstall it 180 degrees off, then those benefits would be gone ;)
The real unicorn is the mamachari that actually follows basic human safety and/or laws, like stopping at Tomare signs, kids with helmets or things like not driving with your big toe while you chain smoke and play games on your flip phone circa 1997.
Those arms are photoshopped or the Muscle Mary has been skipping leg day.
Yeah... I have no idea what's the purpose of this thing

It's got a 42t inner ring like Peter Sagan. The wheels look they're deep section, so it's "READY FOR ALL THE SPEED" like it says on the seat stay.

UCI limit for mama charis is 15kg, so aluminum, 12kg, 700c, great gear range, and functioning brakes is S-Works level kick ass.
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