Bike Crimes!

Kumachan Ikemen

Apr 22, 2014
So many questions about this one...

1) How does one jump onto it? I mean, where does your leg go, really?
2) What is the front lever for? I can't find the FD.
3) There's obviously a light on the seatpost. The kid is certainly going to enjoy it. Or not?
4) What is that double stand attached to?
5) Oh, and finally, why aerowheels? Is it in a hope to compensate for the drag induced by the plastic sail behind?
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Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
hahaha all fair points, esp No 1. guess you need a ballet dancer flexibility to get your leg over the handlebars, or at least over the top tube. but anyway, I'm just a (bike) messenger, so don't ask me. right hand lever is for front brake only, there's only 3 cables. so it's not a brifter, just simple brake lever. don't forget it's Di2 eh!
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Maximum Pace
Not as charming as two sumo wrestlers on a handlebar, but some interesting DIY job in fixing a broken aluminum frame. I mean three bolts and a steel clamp is all you need to fix a full suspension bike, I guess.
The only thing that relieves me in this case, is that this bike will most likely never see any single trail nor go down fast descents.


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