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Hmm, I haven't purchased the new model yet, but "big improvement" may be a stretch. They are both front-lit LCD, and both the exact same size and resolution. The main difference is auto-brightness control - which is mainly important to keep it from being too bright at night. (Even the very brigthest LCD is no match for the sun, which is why you want front-lit or transreflective displays instead of backlight displays for things you will use a lot in direct sunlight).

Also, I don't think Hammerhead has a "policy" of not selling in Japan. If you want to sell here, you have to submit lots of documents and testing certification results before you will be allowed to sell anything that deals with radio waves. There are also special rules that differ by country - like you can't use 5 Ghz outdoors in Japan. For huge companies like Apple and Garmin, this isn't a big deal, but for smaller companies (like Hammerhead and Framework), this can be a bit of a hurdle.
Yes, agreed, 'policy' was an incorrect word choice. I very much concur that for a small company the regulatory hurdles are high. Maybe things will change with SRAM's ownership.
I've long been thinking of getting a "iGPSPORT iGS630" but have procrastinated. As my (much more basic) Cat-Eye doodad conked out a week ago, I may actually do something about the iGS630.

(Hambini's review, Peak Torque's review
I've been curious about the IGP cycons too, but would choose the slightly newer iGS630s with the dual band GPS. They also just released the iGS800 with touchscreen and 50hr+ battery. HOWEVER, these things are all app software dependent for maps and to function intuitively and smoothly. Given their laughably bad website and my current sketchy customer service experience with CAD70 sensor band replacement I let you go first!🤠
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