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Ride Bike Camping - Izu-ish?


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Howdy -
I am going to take off work next friday and drop my kids off at school - after 0725, I am fffrrreeeeeeeee.....

Anyone have interest in meeting up at Baird for some bike camping?
Possibly head south or west on Saturday to camp again.
Then on Sunday, I just need to be near a Catholic church to do my thing, but then head around somewhere (possibly circle back to Baird) for Sunday night?

I have been intending on rolling solo, but wifey is having second thoughts about that. So if I can at least tell her I am meeting others to camp - then she would feel better.

Let me know! I don't have a plan, so it can be altered. I am rolling out from Zushi.
I'd love to go but cannot next weekend.:cry:
Maybe we can organize something for another date before it gets too cold. Have some friends that would wanna join too.
Man, Friday/Saturday would normally be perfect for me but not this coming Friday/Saturday, unfortunately. Let me know if you want to do something like this in the future though. I don't have time for the long tours I'd really like to do these days, so short jaunts will have to suffice.
This upcoming weekend was one of the few long weekends I have from work and didn't have family plans.
I got a hall pass from the wifey - so I am coming up with ideas. I could hit a MTB park or 3, but I have not done an overnighter in a couple years.
I will hopefully have another time I can get out - but with kids.... sigh
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