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For Sale Bike Box Alan


Oct 20, 2013
Hello TCC!

I am looking to sell or possibly rent out my Bike Box Alan bike box ( http://bikeboxalan.co.uk )
It is a hard shell case with an inner "anti-crush" pole for reinforcement and soft foam padding both for wheels and the frame . I bought it new 3 months ago before traveling here to Japan. It's been on 1 flight and performed like a champion! It kept my My entire bike and parts, including wheels, safe with zero damage.

The Bike Box Alan is considered standard for most athletes who constantly travel with their bike. It fits tri-bikes as well as road bikes and is famous for being one of the toughest boxes on the market.

I would like to sell it for ¥70,000 ($700) or possibly rent it out to people who need to travel. To the best of my knowledge this is not available for sale in Japan - it must be ordered directly from the UK or USA. My version sells for about $850 plus shipping new so roughly $900 ((¥90,000).

If you are interested in renting the fee will be ¥20,000 / trip. So if you are gone 1 week or 3 I am flexible. A cash deposit in the amount of another ¥50,000 yen will be held until you return it. I expect normal wear of course as most luggage is thrown around at airports but damage rendering the box unusable will void your deposit.

I would like to sell it outright but will discuss details of rental if you are interested.

I live in Tokyo and you will be responsible for delivery of the box and the fees associated. You are also welcome to come to my place to pick it up.

For more information check YouTube and their website for details on the box.
Check out the pictures!
Thank you!


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