Big Keirin Race in Tokyo - 12/30


Maximum Pace
Jun 24, 2010
ProRaceMechanic and I rode by the Tokyo Oval Keiokaku Keirin track and found that there was a big event going on. Seems like tomorrow might be one of the biggest races of the year, Keirin Grand Prix, with the top prize being aobut ichi-oku yen (~1Million US).

Anyway, races start around 10:30 I think, and they will have 10 heats, with the final big race around 4:30pm.

I am thinking to go out there around 2pm to watch the last 4 races. Will probably take the train (Keio Line to KeioTamagawa), there is also a bus from Yanokuchi Station. I think the entrance fee is only about 50yen.

If anyone is interested to meet up, let me know on here or by PM, (send a cell# or mail).


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Well, Eric and I rode out there. We were pretty soaked and freezing, so decided to forego sitting in the stadium and suffer from hypothermia. We also both got puncs - Eric had a big chunk of glass in the front tire, then on the way back I got hit by Tetsuo The Iron Man boring device into my rear tire. I swear, I'd never seen such a big chunk of twisted metal go into a tire! I pulled it out and filled my tire with both 50ml of sealant AND a full charge of the Effetto Espresso - after about 15min pumping and re-pumping it actually held! FWWI both Eric's Leyzene and my Topeak pocket rocket are POS! I'm swearing off these mini pumps and going back to my Silca frame pump. In order to get sealant to activate, you need a sufficient amount of airflow - the mini-pumps just don't hack it. And when they fall apart into several pieces while your freezing... well... not impressed.