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How I roll my fixie

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  • Tokyo hipster fixie, bike is just a fashion accessory

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Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
BTW I am BACK in Japan again till the cherries blossom YAY !

Been hankering for a Kerin bike, want it all NJS except for: saddle [ Cinelli Unicantor.] Brake or brakes. Single freewheel on the flip flop. Also not the sewups. I think it will cost me about 3 K USD. I will get a frame and slowly start collecting the parts. Already have Nitto steel drops, adjustable stem and MKS chain tensioner. SO what I want to know is ... IS a NJS bike frame pretty generic or do they all ride different ?

I been looking at the Panasonic. Cheep for a NJS and I can get it in 63. Anybody ever ride one ? THANKS TODO


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
63 njs might be tough. But go see tomitysan . He's in tachikawa. He has a lot of frames!
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