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Bicycles and Aerodynamics

Nope, I'm on my way to pursue saving energy way by means of aerodynamics for more comfortable ride, Poly.:D
I enjoyed the article and was surprised to know the mystery of down tube bottle.
But at the same time I guess more precise study has to be done with other reliable tools than human power. I mean an energy which does not rely on condition or emotion and etc.
As a matter of fact, as I'm not interested in racing, I can add anything effective to save energy I like to my bike. One of solutions might be putting cowl or visor in front.
Hi Massa,

You need the Lighting F-40: the worlds fastest production bicycle . . .


You're absolutely right Philip. I got to get a P-38 first of all then let me try to do fund raising to add F-40 body.
Accordingly we have to be careful not too hurry to ride on it at the extreme level of performance without doing a sort of practice appropriate for it. Very exciting ha?:D
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