Bicycle routes around Ome, Tokyo


Oct 15, 2008
Koto-ku, Tokyo
Denis these are totally wicked - thanks so much! I lived down in Kyushu for a long time and off-road riding was one of my main focuses (the main focus?). I`d spend hours and hours pasting together those crazy super-detailed topo maps to find the best routes and those magical connections. You`ve done a ton of work, I can see.
I got an interesting tidbit of info from Nakayama-san at GuavaJelly Mtb shop: according to him you can take a bagged mtb on the cable car at Mt Mitake. From the top (around 900m), there are trails that eventually connect with MusashiItsukaichi station. Looks like an amazing ride for those of us that don`t live near the mtns...


Nov 11, 2008
Ome, Tokyo
MTB beginner course, Mitake cable cost

I have an MTB but doesn't get much use and I am really just a beginner. Which routes would you recommend for a newbie ?
Hi Chazzer,

I recommend #19 even for a beginner - you can just walk the sections you find difficult. My 5yr old boy has cycled most of this route, although he did have me carry his bike over 2 or 3 steep parts. If you just want to do one half, #17 is probably better than #18.

The other alternative I can recommend to a beginner is #13, which is easy enough and very quiet as well. It's easier to do this anti-clockwise (Opposite direction to map and profile, but same direction as suggested in route). This is the easiest of all the routes with map info available.

Another possibility is #14 with no uploaded info yet (Mitake course) - You can indeed bring a bike up in the cable car as mentioned by Davad, but it's not a cheap @ JPY 570 for a one-way 6 minute lift up and an extra JPY 240 for a bicycle (they may not charge during week, but almost certainly will charge on weekend). see I would much rather cycle up the steep paved path myself. By the way, the last part of the road to the cable car station is also very steep - you will need to do this either way unless you take a bus to the cable station.