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Bicycle Registration


Jul 8, 2010
Hello all,

I'm currently residing in Osaka prefecture, I've recently purchased a bicycle from Amazon.co.jp and I know that I must register my bike (also for school campus purposes).

I first paid a visit to the local keisatsu in their koban and they told me that I had to register it at a bike shop. I then paid a visit to local bike shop and they told me that they could only register my bike if they had three documents, one of which is the receipt. Unfortunately, my Japanese wasn't quite up to par enough to fully register or memorize what the other two documents are.

Now, I have the receipt but scouring the box the bike came in turned up no other documents.

Can any provide any help as to what to do at this point?

Thanks in advance!
well, in general ID is one of them. maybe gaijin card and/or passport?

but also in general, going back and asking the same question until you figure out what they are telling you is just part of living in a country you don't speak the language.:confused:

I don't remember needing anything but then, I only registered mine because it was required to get insurance--which you should definitely do.

have fun.
Hmm, not sure in Osaka, but here in Shinjuku just needed receipt of purchase and my ID - which I jus used my health insurance card. BTW - my bike was a Yahoo auction purchase, so I didnt have an 'official receipt' - but just the Yahoo auction receipt - seemed good enough.
Widen, the warranty will be part of the owners manual. Normally the 1st 3 or last 3 pages.
Are you kidding?

so everyone has registered their bikes with the police?

No way I would let them put their untrained hands on my machine!:eek:
No! Not registered. I always just try and rely on my bike and I looking like "we belong together". That, and the fact that only about 3% of the population is tall enough to ride her.
so everyone has registered their bikes with the police?

Not me either. All bought overseas and never got round to registering. Not sure if it's a requirement for overseas purchases(?)
My Pinarello is registered and if you bike is insured under Japanese warranty I think you will find that its a requirement.

As for letting untrained hands touch it, well they don't actually touch it basically the serial number and other details are taken and then your bike is issued a id number and a sticker is placed on the bike on the down tube.

If you bike is stolen and recovered then it makes tracking it a lot easier. Also if youreport your bike stolen the police will actually do something. One of the guys at work had his MTB stolen a week ago and they actually recovered it as the local bobbies were stopping people on MTB and checking the registration numbers.
Required when I got insurance (T-Spot, I think it was called) and my LBS did the registration. I don't think I even brought the reciept...
Sorry for the delay everyone! I managed to register it last week. It was indeed receipt, alien registration document and warranty. Thanks for everyone's help!
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