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Bicycle Registration Papers


Aug 9, 2007
While traveling the Philippines last week my wallet was stolen :mad: containing my japanese bank cards, alien registration card, health insurance card and my bicycle registration papers (for both my bicycles). The problem now is that I dont know where to get those papers re-issued !? Does anybody have an advice / idea ? Your help is much appreciated.

Have you contacted your local police office already? First of all you have to get the 'certification' from the police that you have been stolen your bank cards and health insurance card etc. and communicate with the related organizations to have all of them STOPPED, then have what you need re-issued.. it's been a while since I experienced the similar thing :warau: , so I do not really well remember how the things went in detail, but anyway you need the certification from the police first.

I'll add comments if I remember something good for you..

Sorry to hear about the theft... :(

Is this the anti-theft registration (jitensha bouhan toroku)/自転車防犯登録)? If so, it's a police-run program, so your local cop shop (in Japan, I mean) might be the place to start. Or, ask the LBS who did the registration for you (assuming you went that route).

As an aside (and not to hijack the thread), but have you importers out there bothered to register your bikes? Both of my road bikes are from abroad, and they still lack the little orange sticker...
Thanks guys for your input.

I bought both my bicycles in Japan. The question now is whether to go to the Bike Shop or to the Koban/police to get them papers re-issued.
Good morninig

Good morning, Livestrong. Well my recommendation is you'd go to the police/koban first and get the robbery report (Tonan-todoke) issued. Then they will give you the ceritification note (Tonan-shomeisho). Then you can go to your bike shop to get the papers (Bohan toroku?) re-issued. I also recommend you to have someone who speaks Japanese come with you to the police as then the things can make much easier.

Let me know if there is anything I can be more of the assistance!

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