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Bicycle Recommendation Please


Jul 8, 2010
I will be shortly living in Japan and making an approximately 30 minute bicycle commute in southern Kyoto-fu/northern Osaka-fu, in an, apparently, somewhat hilly area.

At the moment, I am cycling illiterate but I'm hoping to purchase a good bike to make this commute easier. I'm hoping to pay not more than 20,000 yen, which I realize immediately excludes most road bikes, which were also proprobably the most ideal solution.

I'm currently considering the Doppelganger 801 Primacy, but, again, I'm horribly unfamiliar with these matters and was hoping to get some advice on this.

Sorry to trouble everyone and thanks in advance for any help.
It looks great. I take it that it's superior to the Doppelganger Primacy?

The only real hitch is that I won't be in Japan for another month and I'm certain that I"ll miss out that great special price in the interim. Moreover, my Japanese ability might not be quite up to snuff for that website layout.

Thanks for the advice and do please keep it coming! I'm hoping for a good spectrum of opinions.
i don't think the price will change much till you arrive.
Befriend a Japanese when you get here and just ask him/her to guide you through the site or you can visit a local bike shop (LBS) and ask there
It's now been (smartly) pointed out to me, by multiple people, that my commute partly takes place in a hilly area and I won't want to ride 7 kilometers in rain, snow or sweltering heat. As such, I'm now thinking a very portable folding bike is the way to go by riding it to the train station, folding it, taking the train to the next stop, unfolding it and riding it from that train station to my destination.

I'm looking at these, but I'm even more unfamiliar with folding bikes and was wondering if anyone had any wisdom to share! Thanks in advance!




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