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Oct 20, 2010
Could anyone recommend a good one or two bike rack for my Honda Stream? I'd like to take it on and off as needed so simple installation is a priority. Easier perhaps off the back than the roof??

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and all the best for 2011.
if you want reviews and opinions they are called saris bones in English.
Yep I have a Saris Bones 3-bike rack and it's great. Got it for about 3000 yen from Hard Off. Easy on, easy off. No scratches to the Elgrand.

Only disadvantage is that there's no way to lock the bike to the rack or the rack to the car.
Thanks guys! Keep the suggestions coming. Sorry James, yours looks well scary!!! Brings back memories of someone's ski rack flying off their roof on the Kan Etsu and taking out my front tire.

Simon and Mike - does look appealing. Many reviewers complain about the plastic screws though. Can I not just buy metal ones the same size? Is the one on your link actually the same Saris product Simon?

This looks ideal if it was $300 cheaper http://www.rei.com/product/785000. Perhaps a year end lottery ticket is in order ..
Thanks everyone. I think the Saris is the ticket. Wiggle reviews were more recent than others I read and no mention of dodgy screws and only a couple of paint scratches. Youtube installation clips make it look doable even for very unmechanically minded me. Hard choice between that and GSAstutos's number though. Reckon I'd be the hottest chick in town with THAT rack!
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