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Bicycle Life Hey Look At Meeeee


Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
Check me out. I am on Page 15 the of new Bicycle Life magazine. I was in the right place at the right time. They were doing a photo shoot in Yokohama and I just rode into it.

Bike is my Tom Ritchey Break Away Dura Ace Ti Carbon. Can you tell ? I have it stealthed with inner tube covering and tape. PLEASE forgive me but I also have a fender, lock and kickstand on it. I am SO ashamed.

O and what am I saying in the caption ?
Hi Todo

Had a look at the magazine today in a book shop, nice photo:cool:

The caption says 'don't you like my fender, lock and kickstand ...?'
No, actually it says 'please ride a lot/often'.

Hope that helps.
HA HA Yeah I KNOW I have turned that sweet bike into a Mamacheri. I am So ashamed... NOT. I was hoping I was quoting Eddy there ["Ride Lots."] but they also asked me why I ride and I told them "Because I like to fly." and they seemed to like that a lot. So I wasn't sure THANKS for the translation.

PS. O sorry I should have asked what my bud BK was saying too. Something obnoxious no doubt. He forgets so if you go by the magazine stand again or happen to remember his quote, well that would be nice.
Your quote 'I like to fly' is listed as the reason you started commuting by bicycle.

Your friend's quote isn't anything obnoxious but says 'keep on cycling'. Chances are the interviewer missed the obnoxious parts ...
Thanks Richard, They or I must have misunderstood. I like to fly is why I love to ride but not why I commute. I more plod on that. TODO
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