Bicycle Design


Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
Certainly never come across this before:-

"A totally new, innovative and futuristic bicycle concept with two tilting front wheels. The two front wheels of the Drymer provide a unique driving experience. Through an ingenious tilt system tilt front wheels when entering a corner.The aerodynamic canopy hip design ensures that you, also by the forward speed, virtually dry.

The Drymer is a bike with three wheels, two front and one rear wheel. The rear suspension has a single arm. The wheel has an electric drive with power assist. The electronic system, a traction assist up to 6 km, ensures that upon reaching a speed of 25 km / h the electric motor support is disabled, so it is legally a bicycle concerns. This makes wearing a helmet, a motorcycle license and registration are not necessary. The Drymer Business has a roof."