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Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Tired and sleepy after my duties yesterday morning as a working stiff, so I decided to go home early, via the part of the Bicycle Culture Center (BCC) that's close to Meguro station. Nowhere to park the bike in front, so I parked it behind the building and entered the establishment. Whereupon some bloke walked out, with his bike.

"Ah . . . can I park my bike in here?"

"Yes! Where is it now?"

"Out the back."

"Oh, please bring it in!"

So I did, and a BCC lady propped it up on a stand; so it shared some glory with a boneshaker or two, an ancient and nightmarish Rudge, a smart Swiss bike from the thirties with l-o-n-g chainstays, a very rideable looking bike that once belonged to a Breton badger, etc. Recognition for my Miyata at last! Its happiness was palpable.

The place closes at five and I knew I wouldn't have much time to work out what was where. Moreover, browsing the books requires "Friend" status, which in turn requires that you fill in a form giving your name, DoB, address, etc; and pay 500 yen, which seems very reasonable. So I'm now a certified friend, and (too tired and lazy to tackle Japanese) I spent half an hour browsing old copies of English-language magazines.

I'll be back.
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