Bib buying woes


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Your hight dosen't really matter when it come to bibs as much as you hips and thighs do. The straps might pull on your shoulders a bit en standing up though. I'm 184 (and now down to a scary 63,5kg again) very thin legs, Small size on most of my bibs, Bought 2012 TCC bib in medium and the leg opening were too wide (and too short for my taste).
I would say go with the customer service guys recommendation, or do like andy said and get both sizes, and return one.

Problem with getting a size too big (apart from leg opening flapping) is when it not tight enough around the seating area the pad wont stay in the right place and will result in chaffing. My bicycle line winter tights in M are this way... and you even feel the pad hanging of you behind when standing up. You see quite a few riders out and about that has a size too big. (Not that I'm actively checking out everyone bottoms... or am I :innocent:)
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