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Nov 1, 2009
Anyone in the club ride a Bianchi Infinito? I am thinking about this as a possible replacement frame for a Cervelo RS. I am a fan of the higher head tube frames due to back issues.

I am none too happy with Cervelo no longer offering this model as a frameset and no longer selling bikes through online retailers.
Cervelo has changed the geometry of all of their R-series bikes - they all have quite long head tubes now, but yeah... no more online sales - closest retailer is in South Korea :(

Scott CR1 series also have long head tubes and really nice price tag.
I got mine today - https://tokyocycle.com/gallery/bicycle-garage/p5684-p1171263.html

Ridley Orion is also a decent-looking bike with the geometry you need.

Infinito is a good bike - was looking at it myself, but found it a bit too expensive.
Owned an Infinito for about a month, but had a problem with the rear brake cable routing so sent in back to Competitive Cyclist (think this was a problem with certain early models). It looks great, by all reports boasts a smooth but responsive ride, and the geometry is spot on, imo. If I was getting a carbon bike today, it would either be the Infinito or Sergey's CR1.
Just a heads up for Cervelo heads -

It might not be directly related to this thread, but here they are -

Cervelo 2011 models online at racycles.com

I don't know if it's official, or if they ship them abroad, though.
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