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best way out of Narita or Tokyo?


May 28, 2008
Hi all,

What's the easiest way to head North if I arrive at Narita? I am thinking of just biking straight out of the airport and spending my first night in Narita town, but then it's a long way before I get to cooler latitudes (July-August).

Is there a ferry going from Tokyo towards the North, like Sendai? I am finding conflicting info on that. Maybe the service is stopped?

I am not too keen on carting my bike in a box through the Tokyo subway and streets and train and such. Can't quite picture it...

I am from TO now living in Yokohama. I travel a lot for my work - I mean 60% my time spend outside and I carry my bike from home to airport by biking bag and sometimes by box. So it is not a big deal at all to carry the bike in train.

Where are you riding to? If you need any other info let us know...
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