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Best descents in Saitama


Maximum Pace
Jul 23, 2010
I mainly cycle to the north and west of Hanno. Most of the climbs I do have lots of switchbacks, lots of debris from trees, and the roads are littered with stones (climbs like Amamesasu-toge, or Nenogongen). This makes the descents hazardous, and I am heavy on the brakes (also, I'm not too good at descending, I think).

Last week I climbed Shoumaru-toge for the first time and descended down Yamabushi-toge: it was fantastic. Wide, well paved roads, clear lines of sight, and long, swooping turns - I hardly needed the brakes at all.

So, my question is this:
In Saitama, are there any better descents than Yamabushi-toge?
If so, what are they called/where are they?
(And preferably within striking distance of Hanno).
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