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Best bikeshop (value, expertise) for ground-up roadbike assembly


Dec 5, 2009
I saw the series of posts dating from early 2009 re: partial and complete bike assembly by Tokyo area mechanics but am wondering if anyone has any recent updates to share?

I bought all parts (bare titanium frame, uncut carbon fork, headset, drivetrain and brake components, seat, bars, etc) in the US and will bring them back to Tokyo in early May. All were purchased separately so we're talking a build from the ground up.

I was thinking of getting the assembly done in Japan because I could cram everything into a smaller box (regular checked luggage, less risk of damage, plus Shimano components are *surprise!* cheaper in Japan). But would it be better to get the thing assembled in the US and bring over?

Many thanks for your honest feedback.

Assembly here usually costs around 20000 yen + cost of parts which you do not bring to the shop and takes max 1 week. Some tend to ask more, if the bike/frame wasn't bought from their shop (depends on how close your relations are with the shop)

I assembled my last 3 bikes by myself, which is naturally cheaper, if you have all the tools. The only thing I asked at the shop is to install the headset, to cut the fork and to insert the star bolt thingy :)

As for the shop recommendation - it depends on where you live. I used to live next to Eda st. and had really good relationship with a small official Trek shop - "Bike Plus" in Center Kita. Nice and friendly staff.
Cycle Paradise in Setagaya charged me 12,000 to take everything off one frame and put it onto another.
Me..... I'll do it for you for a pint of the black stuff!
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