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Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
This is the best bike AD I ever saw. Tokyo Craigs list. Hope you are amused. TODO

Are you poor?
Are you weak?
Do you not care how you look to the rest of society and those around you?
Are you a person who wears a dress?
Are you a fragile, old, bone brittle senior citizen?

If you answered no to all these questions then ask yourself why is the bike your riding to work everyday that of an old poor handicapped person.

If you answered yes to any of these its not a bad thing but please click the back button on you browser now!

This Bike (if you can call my human powered ground ripping two wheeled chainsaw that) is a machine built from
the ground up for a strong, healthy, powerful human being. Specialized is the Sherman Tank of mountain Bikes. Built from parts and components to last a life time. Able to climb mountains and ford rivers. This model has been with me since its birth and has been my trusted friend. It has taken me thru rain and snow. Over hill and dale and yes even to work and the supermarket.
When you buy a new mountain bike your buying the frame for its quality and geometry. As you put it to the test of the rough trails and rocks and holes you will ride it over, parts fall by the wayside and get replaced with stronger indestructible ones. My bike has all ready gone thru these trials and tribulations making it a super hi bred. If you can ride it hard enough to break parts off it your a bigger stronger better man or woman then me. I certainly cant.

New this bike cost 1900$ Ive been torn with the fact that it cant come with me due to space and storage limitations on my new life.
Interesting. I guess in these tough times you have to work your magic to get people interested in your product...or in this case used product. In my honest opinion, there is always room for a bike. I would jsut get rid of my 42 inch LCD to make room for a bike.

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