Bespoked - Rapha article on GS Astuto


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Very nice read and great to see Tim getting the press he deserves..... Bloody cheer up though mate you look like a right miserable sod!

"Invented in 1869 by Parisian cycle craftsman Eugene Meyer, the tension wheel has remained largely unchanged, but despite 150 years of refinement"

Some really should remember this - 150 years of experimentation tweaking and refining the wheel is perfect and no matter what fancy spoke lacing or config you think is the latest and greatest the fact is the standard tension wheel with 3-cross tangential is the ultimate build you just need a bloody good wheel builder that knows what they are doing and dedicated to build a perfect wheel each and every time.

“that’s BS. The note of a resonating spoke has so many factors independent of the tension, if you did it by sound, the wheel would end up looking like a burrito.”

Classic Tim quote .......wheels and Mexican food~!