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Feb 5, 2012
I posted this before, but made changes based on the weather.

This is a long - slow - distance ride as its new for me after Takao, and I'm gradually pushing out my ride lengths so it would be great to have a few riding partners.

Here is the ride I have planned, weather dependent, and everyone is welcome but this will be a WATT ride with nobody left behind.

The route:

(if you can't view this please let me know and I'll change some settings)

Where: I will be heading out from Hino, and stopping at Takao station if there are any people joining.

When: June 23, 24, or 25th. I am flexible on the dates and times, but will change the date if it rains, and for a time lets say a 9am start.

Level: beginner to intermediate for myself, and again I will wait for anyone and I expect the same of anyone who joins - this will be a fun group ride with short stops along the way if needed, just enough to refill water and get going before the heart rate drops too much.

This is a new route for me, I have done Takao but the section after that is new ground for me.
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