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Beginner around Ota


Maximum Pace
Apr 26, 2010
I am thinking about changing them to gp5k once they wear out, do you have any more recommendations?
GP5Ks are the consensus top choice these days, although people do have other favorites from other brands. I like conti tires so I would probably go that route if I could afford them.


Feb 8, 2013
Bit late to this, but I have Some Fulcrum Racing 5s (c17) in Ashikaga-shi - just to your north.

Lots of good riding for you if you do head north. The foothills around Ashikaga, Kiryu. Otherwise it's all a bit flat - lots of canals but not super exciting (IMO) and a bit of a trek still down to the hills around Saitama.

But the riding up from Ashikaga is good, there's some nice and popular roads heading up to Kiryu's Umeda lake / dam by the 66. Lots of cyclists there at the weekend. From Ashikaga it's a nice set of roads taking the 284/218/219/208 up to Yomogi Log Village for a pause.

A lot of roads further north can be closed and/or quite dangerous at times - lots of rockslides, branches an assorted chaf that doesnt get moved aside as there's not much traffic. But stay further down, head further west to Akagi or east to Tochigi and it's all good.
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