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May 29, 2008
So, I know everyone loves beer and biking so here's the deal

I'm heading out tomorrow (blame it on too much time by myself on the internet leads to impulsive ticket purchase) but would really like to donate a bunch of stuff to Second Harvest, a group sending goods up to the camps in the north.

I will leave my apartment unlocked, the fridge stocked with beer and everything I want to donate in the kitchen, stacked obviously for pick up and transport. I live in Kichijoji.

News from the group Second Harvest is this:
A friend, Yayoi, has just returned from the heart of the disaster zones: "There is enough water and instant food for survivors today. What they really need is: toilet roll, sanitary towels, nappies and blankets". Please box up and send your donations to:
Second Harvest Japan Disaster Relief
Mizuta bldg 1F Asakusabashi 4-5-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo

The deal is: you need to transport some stuff across town to Second Harvest. You need to do so by bike. Your word of honor is only take as much beer as is proportional to how much you've carried.

Perhaps, ideally, you would pick stuff up, take it across town, return to Kichijoji, enjoy your beer in the park?

If you are interested, I'll pm you my address.

Thanks and good luck!
Really wish I could help with this Kori--was in Tokyo yesterday but have to stay out here for the weekend. I hope some TCCers take you up on the offer. My wife's family is from Kesennuma, and that whole area has been hit very hard. Her parents survived (although it was a close call), but the shop is gone and they are living in an evacuation center with next to no supplies.
Better times

Just remembered I uploaded this pic to TCC. This is Kesennuma back in 2009, the last time I visited.

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